Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise

  • Investment Level
    Rs. 2,500,001 - Rs. 5,000,000
  • Industry
    Fast Food, Food and Beverage

SUBWAY® is the #1 restaurant chain in total
restaurant count with more locations than anyone else
in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck opened the first SUBWAY® restaurant in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, in the summer of 1965. They later incorporated in the n ame of Doctor’s Associates Inc. Today, the SUBWAY® system is the largest restaurant chain in North America and is poised to become the largest restaurant chain in the world. Each SUBWAY® restaurant is focused on making great sandwiches. In fact, it is so great, that many SUBWAY® customers have become franchise owners simply because they believe in the product.

Exceptional Growth

Since its founding, the SUBWAY® franchise system has experienced phenomenal growth, and is committed to becoming the #1 Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world. More than 36,000 SUBWAY® locations throughout the world. In most years, about 70% of new franchises are purchases by existing owners.


The SUBWAY® décor integrates the look of natural building materials – brick, clay, stone – into the stores and conveys to customers that SUBWAY® locations are warm and inviting family dining destinations.

Great Food

SUBWAY® “Sandwich Artists” create customers’ sandwiches on a varied selection of daily baked gourmet breads. With the option of many ingredients, the sandwiches are customized with an array of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and lastly topped off with unique select sauces. In addition, many food flavors are brought out by toasting the sandwiches to perfection, just the way a customer wants.

Products You Will Be Proud To Serve

The SUBWAY® franchise offers your customers many great options to eat a fresh meal, fast. Think about your customer base and all the potential consumers who patronize your business. Wouldn’t the quality of the SUBWAY® products appeal to those consumers?


The nutritional value of our food is very important. The SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ menu is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is trans fat free.

*SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ menu is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

The Franchisee Is Responsible For:

  • Initial franchise fee
  • Finding locations
  • Leasehold improvements and equipment
  • Hiring employees and operating restaurants
  • Paying 8% royalty to the company and a fee into the advertising fund

The Company Provides:

  • Access to formulas and operational systems
  • Store design and equipment ordering guidance
  • Training program
  • Operations manual
  • Representative on-site during opening
  • Periodic evaluations and ongoing

Before You Open:

  • Training
    You and your designee or manager will take part in our intensive two-week program.
  • Restaurant/Store design
    You will be provided with floor plans for your specific location.
  • Site selection
    You will be assisted in evaluating the location for your business.
  • Equipment ordering
    You will receive guidance on ordering your equipment package for timely delivery.

After You Open:

  • Operations manual
    SUBWAY® restaurants&rsuqo; in-depth manual covers a full range of topics important to running your business.
  • Field support
    Your local representative will help you get started and provide ongoing operational evaluations.
  • Franchisee services
    A Coordinator will serve as your main contact person, who is just a phone call or e-mail away.
  • R&D
    SUBWAY® franchise executive chef, baking specialists, staff nutritionist, and product development team continually strive to make our excellent food even better.
  • Continuing education
    Regular newsletters, e- mails and voice-mails, DVDs and additional learning tools are also available.

Location Performance

Generally, the most important factors for performance are the location of the franchise and how well it is run. Because these key factors are unknown, Doctor’s Associates Inc. cannot predict your results.

In fact, to eliminate possible misunderstandings, the company has a policy that no employee or agent can provide you with projections as to potential sales, earnings and profitability.

The best way to get this information is to complete an application. After your application is received, you will receive a disclosure document and contact information of our franchisees. These franchisees will be able to answer your specific questions.


Franchise World Headquarters, LLC is proud of the excellent support systems available to SUBWAY® franchisees. Ongoing support is provided before and after you open your store. As soon as you join the SUBWAY® team, you’ll have access to help to get you started. Once open, systems are in place to help you operate your location effectively.

SUBWAY® Eat Fresh Live Green

The SUBWAY® brand is committed to making SUBWAY® restaurants and operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. The brand strives to conduct business in a way that creates profit for franchisees while minimizing the impact the business has on the environment and improving the lives of SUBWAY® customers, employees, franchisees, vendors and communities world-wide.

Did You Know...

The SUBWAY® organization works on sustainable initiatives world-wide with a focus on energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, and waste reduction, as well as sustainable and ethical sourcing and supply chain management.

In the US, efforts undertaken by the SUBWAY® brand together with vendors have eliminated 718,698 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the past year. Since August 2006, all new SUBWAY® restaurants and many remodelled locations have installed low-flow sink aerators; saving over 214 million gallons of water annually. Franchisees have the option to build Eco Restaurants designed to reduce energy and water usage, waste and conserve resources. To date, there are 14 Eco Restaurants open and more are being planned.

To reduce the environmental footprint of the waste stream, the SUBWAY® brand strives to eliminate unnecessary packaging and to transition to more sustainable packaging where possible.

SUBWAY® restaurants use napkins, gift cards, take-out menus, towels, tissues, sandwich wrap, paper hot cups, salad containers, catering trays, beverage carriers, pizza boxes, and catering trays that contain recycled content.

SUBWAY® restaurants offer a variety of “better for you” menu items. The SUBWAY® brand is committed to continually improving the nutritional content of the food served. All artificial trans fats have been eliminated from core products. The sodium content has been reduced by 28% for low fat sandwiches and by 15% for all lunch and dinner subs. In the US, the bread is fortified with calcium and vitamin D, and chicken and turkey are antibiotic and hormone-free.

Franchise Capital Requirements

The SUBWAY® franchise has some of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. Your complete investment will depend on your location, size, and the extent of renovations required. There are traditional and nontraditional locations for SUBWAY® franchises.

A traditional restaurant is one you see in a shopping center or on the street corner. A non-traditional restaurant is a store located in an airport, hospital, truck stop, college, bus terminal, or other sites associated with another business. The non-traditional locations are usually owned by existing franchisees that have proven to be very successful with the SUBWAY® system. If you own a location such as a convenience store, or any non-traditional site, you may have the opportunity to buy a franchise for that location.

The estimated costs to the right, represent a wide range of possible locations throughout the world. Remember that costs will vary in relation to the physical size of the restaurant. A lower cost restaurant is one that would require fewer leasehold improvements, less seating and fewer equipment expenditures. Moderate and higher costs restaurants may require extensive interior renovations, extensive seating and additional equipment.

If you are purchasing a franchise for a location opportunity, such as a non-traditional, or school lunch program location, the listed capital requirements may vary and could be substantially lower depending upon the necessary equipment you must acquire or changes in leasehold improvements you must make.

Find out how SUBWAY® is the right fit for you.

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